Savoy Hotel, Paragua Coastown, San Vicente, Palawan

Savoy Hotel

Paragua Coastown, San Vicente | Condo | Condotel
Price starts at
Php 10,000,000
Php 25,000
250 sqm
Number of floors:
Number of units:
Opening: October 31, 2027 + 6 months grace period
Enjoy VIP  3% Discount PLUS 3% PDC discount if you submit a complete post-dated cheque and a 10% Discount for SPOT CASH
NO DOWNPAYMENT 0%, INTEREST PAYABLE in 50 MONTHS. Valid until May 15, 2023

A luxurious space built to make room for your unique experiences, Savoy Hotel definitely earns the title and is certainly the "Best Luxury Hotel" for your leisure needs.

Savoy Hotel follows the “condotel” concept when managing its units. This allows investors a more passive, but similarly lucrative investment option. While the investors technically own the unit like a traditional condominium, handling of the rooms - which includes marketing and maintenance - will be shouldered by the hotel’s management, similar to regular hotels. All units are fully furnished when you buy.


  • 30 days free stay
  • Worry-free investment 
  • 5 minutes away from San Vicente Airport
  • Guaranteed share in the annual hotel income even if the unit is not rented
  • Unit owners will receive a CCT which can be used when selling the unit back to the developer or the outside market
  • Unit owners no longer have to shoulder all unit related expenses such as maintenance and repair, association dues, taxes, insurance and etc.


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Savoy Hotel Palawan, googlemap
Savoy Hotel Palawan, Paragua Coastown map
Savoy Hotel Palawan, hotel room
Savoy Hotel Palawan, hotel room
Savoy Hotel Palawan, swimming pool area
Savoy Hotel Palawan
Savoy Hotel Palawan
Savoy Hotel Palawan
Savoy Hotel Palawan, gym
Savoy Hotel Palawan, meeting room
Condotel Advantages, Savoy Hotel, Palawan