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There are too many good reasons why consider an investment in Palawan and Boracay islands. Both islands are strategic locations and consistently receiving best beaches awards year after year.  Each has its own charm for any traveler, investor or for people searching for an island way of living. No wonder a giant developer like Megaworld see this as an opportunity. 

So, Welcome to Megaworld's 27th Township happening in San Vicente, Palawan.  This township will soon rise the 462-hectare Paragua Coastown, an 'eco-tourism community' where sustainable tourism and green living co-exist harmoniously.

The township will feature amenities designed to foster a well-rounded way of life. These include centers for health and wellness, a hub for cultural activities, and a park dedicated to mangrove conservation, among others.

To quote Kevin Tan, Megaworld chief strategy officer in a media interview,

“[Paragua Coastown is] more than just sustainable tourism, our vision for this expansive Palawan property is to provide an opportunity to those who want the island-life to live and even raise their families here. Aside from the preserved natural surroundings of the beach, mountains and cliffs of San Vicente, we will also provide the facilities and amenities for holistic wellness for our future residents."

As it places sun, sand and sea at the center of everyday life, Paragua Coastown is indeed a "mindful luxury."

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